Sabtu, 13 Juni 2015

NEW Audi S4 Specs And Performance

Audi Corporation is the German automobile player in the industry responsible for producing one of the best car queues for nearly a century now. Its rich history tells a stellar career in producing fast, safe and innovative vehicles. However, when it comes to sports racing, Audi cars are considered to be all out power house machines winning race after race.

Audi began competing in sports racing in 1999. The company-supported Joest Racing team won at the Le Mans three times in a row. During Audi's first year as a competitor, it won every race entry in the American Le Mans. Audi has been on the forefront of motorsports, bagging a momentous win in the first ever diesel sports car at 12 Hours of Sebring. Audi has achieved the title as the most dominant motor sport power since the beginning of the 21st Century, continuing its long and impressive motor sport heritage. When it comes to their queue of consumer cars, Audi incorporates the same engineer ingenuity they employ in the construction of their sports cars. The Audi S4 is a high performance sports car version of the popular Audi A4. Spanning through three generations, the Audi S4 underwent continuous research and development.

It was during the early 90's, where the Audi S4 was first introduced. Despite being based on the C4 Platform and sharing its basic structure with the 100, the S4 effectively took the place of the 200 Turbo Quattro, which had been discontinued the year before. Today, the S4 uses a B7 platform and features quality Audi S4 parts and accessories that greatly enhance the Audi's performance output. The Audi Rotor, as an example, contains exceptional friction materials that provide maximum stopping power. It is perhaps Audi S4 parts like the Audi Rotor that defines the overall grandeur of the Audi. It is safe to say the German giant will continue to spearhead the automotive industry for plenty more years to come.

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