Jumat, 12 Juni 2015

BMW I8 Reviews 2015

BMW i8 new sports cars of the future-and it's a bold, exotic cars and almost all the way to the claimsyou can judge it is unbelievable.

But the BMW i8 also displayed it for many years, returned to the market flirted with and somewhatmemorable too. Z8 and m had been replaced this car-and they followed a scary story.

I started with the concept of efficient Dynamics 8 2009-the idea of concentrating BMW-engined revision and two electric motors and a diesel engine Turbo 3-cylinder engine draws power from it. I8concept in Frankfurt after two years, plug-in hybrid diesel turbo gasoline in Exchange for.

Now, the production version is arrived. It's a BMW, which can be applied, and it is the innovativegasoline-electric plug-in hybrid, the all-wheel drive power trains are powered by the most powerfulState of the art technology made using lightweight materials. This is a small miracle of Munich: the hyper-modern cars for a fraction of the price. and feelings.

However, the drive to provide the kind of class-leading sports car without all the sophistication of the technology whether or not? Or is there a limit for all the State-of-the-art complex?

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