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Hyundai Veloster Reviews 2015

2015, Hyundai Veloster is unusual design, half elegant package sports sedan is the future. Highlyversatile, fun and practical Veloster should also feel exposed to risk-more trade, but master of noneJack.

At the heart of the Veloster is a truly unique door of his layout. Driver's side, long port, one finds inthe Coupe would expect. Passenger side big little zippered door at the front behind the two items toload a useful aid hatch in. If design is something borrowed parts, including the shape of the HyundaiElantra and accent of others on the road, such as what is. Distinctive exterior styling is not everyone'sCup of tea.

Inside the Veloster continues themed mimicking others hatch Coupe at the contrast. Veloster roofsunroof that can be used pretty or panoramic view, even of two spacious. Playful exercises from theback seat and one additional side door. Is going to find it back there than kid someone tight. Velosterpeople on four commuter is not. Create a useful cargo space thinking as a versatile alternative to thetwo-door, hatch, rear seats fold easily. And there are plenty of corners to store small items, cubbiesand bins.

The most basic level, the Veloster is 138-horsepower, 1.6-liter 6-speed manual transmission orautomatic dual-clutch transmissions and pairs of four-cylinder engines. Transmission is enough to saythat both of them should leave our personal tastes. Line pair is a little short, but better the fueleconomy EPA Highway 37 mpg highway and to the test looked at more than 30 mpg.

And s5s, a completely different story. Generating 201 HP, twin-scroll turbocharger it is 195 pounds oftorque on tap low rpm help blast-feet and a 6 speed manual transmission and automatic transmissionpaddle shift option packs. Turbo is just a slight decrease of approximately 7.0 sec 0-60 mph times ofgood or less gas mileage.

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